PromptPurchaseFinished not working for developer products

Not sure if this is because it just isn’t designed to work for developer products - if this is so, expect a feature request soon, as there is no other way to listen for the ending of the purchase sequence.

I’m working on a shop system, and am wanting to stop the user from doing anything with the UI until the purchase is cancelled or completed.
But PromptPurchaseFinished does not seem work, so I have no way of re-enabling the UI if the player does not complete the purchase.

Here’s my code (all variables and the rest of my code work):



I also tried listening on the client, but it didn’t work either.
‘Ending…’ does not print, and the UI remains unresponsive.

Oops I forgot to use Discourse’s code formatting lol

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For developer products you should use ProcessReceipt.
PromptPurchaseFinished works for all other assets than gamepasses and products.
PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished works for gamepasses.
You can read more here:

The method you’re looking for is PromptProductPurchaseFinished. It is deprecated in place of ProcessReceipt, but for determining when the prompt closes it has its uses.


As I have already stated (maybe a bit obscurely?), PromptPurchaseFinished is the only way that would work if the purchase was cancelled.

Oh, how did I miss that? :slight_smile:


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