Prop Hunt! | Update Notes & Dev Notes

Welcome to the update notes and dev notes for Prop Hunt! created by Triple 6 Studio!

Current Version

Update 5 01/24

  • Fixed Huntership bug that allows players to see hiders.
  • Optimized and balanced Hunter skills.
  • Optimized and balanced ghost skills.
  • Fixed Dollhouse barrel mesh issue.
  • Overall optimization and MORE COMING!

Quick Intro

About Us

We’re a couple of indie developers that have decided to take a leap of faith on Roblox. We’re going to be dedicating a full year or more two developing game on Roblox for the Roblox community. Our studio Triple 6 is a newly formed studio that is hopefully on the come up! We’ll do it the right way and work our tails off to ship out some great games (hopefully!).

About Prop Hunt!

Prop Hunt! is about as straightforward as the name sounds. Essentially its just the popular game mode but on Roblox. However, we wanted to create a more unique experience by adding in additional game mechanics that will allow our players to not just sit in one area an hide but also engage in quick and fun combat with the seekers.

Update & Dev Logs

Update 4 01/22
  • Optimized ALL maps! No more terrain! We switched to low poly for improved playability.
  • Added “Classic Game Mode”. Players will now spawn as props to avoid confusion.
  • Nerfed a couple of skills since map size decreased.
  • Added more things to do in the lobby (parkour time!).
  • Added Daily Sign In rewards
  • Space Mine Code: Prophunt
  • Added new 800 Upvotes Goal to get “Big Juicy Steak” projectile
  • Added “Default” outfit. Players can now choose to use their own avatar outfits.
  • Overall optimization and bug fixes.
  • More optimizations coming!
DevLog 1 01/15

We’ve decided to set Prop Hunt to private for roughly a week. After running open Beta’s for a full week we’ve noticed some crucial game mechanics that need to be optimized. In order to provide the best experience to our players we’ve decided to take it private so that we can run internal tests without disrupting the experience of live players. We’ll be back with a huge update before Jan 25th!

Update 3 01/14
  • Optimized mobile play with new UI buttons. No more accidental triggers.
  • Fixed Ghost & Huner bug
  • Added 100 Likes Podium! Let’s get to 100!
  • Optimized Dollhouse level by opening up floors
  • Fixed join game glitch
  • More optimizations coming!
Update 2 01/13
  • Added Badges: We’ll add more as we create them!
  • Fixed wall glitch in Dollhouse: Walls really do be too thin sometimes lol.
  • Fixed Harpoon Hook glitch: Harpoon too OP… Allowed players to shoot through walls.
  • Buffed Hunter skills: We noticed that hunters were having a hard time catching ghosts.
  • More optimizations coming: Since it’s in Beta we have a lot more fixin’ to do based on our player
Update 1 01/12
  • Added harpoon hook to the game lobby: feel free to swing around
  • Hunter vs. Ghost balance optimization: Hunters move a little faster now w/ reduced CD
  • Fixed an issue with spectate mode
  • Added more clarity to prompt notifications
  • Added “Join Game” feature: players that have just loaded have the option to join a game within 2 minutes of it starting