Prop System like hl2/source

Ive seem something like this maybe 2-3 years ago but its lost somewhere. Is there a way to make a little thing just like this? Not a scripting genious so i’ve failed on every attempt.

Well, If your only going to be in first person, you might as well use this basic script:

local ArrayOfPartsThatYouCanPickUP = {}
local mouse = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()
local up = true
local s
	if table.find(ArrayOfPartsThatYouCanPickUP, mouse.Target) then
		local q = mouse.Target
		if q.Anchored then
			s = false
			s = true
		q.Anchored = true
		local up = false
		repeat q.Position = workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame.LookVector * 5 -- distance from camera 
		until up
		if s then
			q.Anchored = false
	up = true

Keep in mind, that script was entirely client sided, you probably want the part to move server sided, so just use a remote event/function (I also didn’t test it)

If your not going to be in first person, then you might want to follow this confusing trigonometry college math tutorial

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Actually, you’ll only need the remote event for setting the network owner as it is recommended to move parts by client where possible. It will replicate automatically if the network owner is set.