Proper clothing/Item sale stats

In short: the new catalog update eliminated absolutely any semi-reasonable ways to check the number of (clothing) item sales.

Problem: things like analytics and wanting to know how items do aside, if you have an agreement with other people to share a percentage of a specific item’s sales, you are sort of boned right now.

Line item/transaction history: if you have a monetised game with atleast ten players, not an option. Extremely lenghty and obtuse even if you -only- sell clothing items.

In conclusion: my group’s clothing selection is dependant on this, probably applies to most major clothing groups. Please advise if there is any ugly hack or url attribute that can be used to access the sales (as I am honestly doubtful any update will come out in regards to this), as otherwise I’ll have to scrap more than half of our catalog. Thank you.


Put the ID of the clothing at the end. In the JSON that you get, look for "Sales": and it will have the number of sales after that.


Thank you sincerly. Marked as solution, given the original text.
Proper dedicated statistics would still be somewhat nice though.

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