Properly align UI using constraints?

I am trying to have these UI corners align perfectly on other screens. How can I achieve this?
Currently, I am using the SizeConstraint: YY for my frames. Also where the, Days1 - 4, are I am using a UIListLayout with padding of {0, 6}. To keep the UI elements inside of it a square I am also using the SizeConstraint: YY. What should I do differently if I want to achieve the corners of Day5+ frame and the Days 1 - 4 to perfectly align together?

My Reward UI File:
My Reward UI.rbxm (8.1 KB)


Hmmm, did you try using a UI Scale plugin? It automatically scales UI among all Devices. I always use it.

I can give you the name of the plugin if you want.

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I did not! What plugin would you recommend?

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It is called AutoScale Lite, you can get AutoScale pro if you want. But the lite will do as well.

Click on the Frame, or TextButton, or label or anything, and just use the plugin.

If you need more help just let me know :smiley:

PS. Sorry for the very late reply, I have been busy lately

Hey man no worries! I mean I took days to reply as I’ve been busy to. I appreciate this!

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Anytime brother! :slight_smile: