Properly setting 'joints' with C0/C1

Attaching an accessory to a player using AddAccessory() is fine, but causes a misalignment issue that leads to wacky things happening during animations:


Is there a way to properly set the C0/C1 of the accessory’s weld to prevent this? Would I have to rely on messing with the player’s Motor6D to solve this? I’m just not sure where to go about this.

If you are trying to replace the player’s arms via accessories you are required to change the Motor6ds, instead of continusely update the offset of the accessory. This is due to the fact that the arm moves around via the joint of the previous part. So if you instead replace the arms with accessories exactly that will happen.

Else make the accessories about the same size as the arms etc and make them end and start on the Motor6Ds

I was afraid that would be the solution in this specific case.

Thank you for letting me know. I’ll see what I can do!

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