Properties+ | Loop through properties, You're welcome!


So If you’ve been making games before you might have wanted to loop through all the properties in an Instance, except that roblox, for some reason just doesnt have a feature for this.
So I spent an hour of my life making it! You’re welcome!


  • GetProperties: This function allows you to get the properties of an instance. The argument requires an Instance to run.
  • HasSameProperties: This function checks if two instances have the same properties, it requires two arguments, which should be two Instances.

Note: This function excludes a couple of properties such as name, parent, and UniqueId. For the full list check the PropsToExclude Table in the module.

Get it!

Latest version: 1.1

Properties+1-1.rbxm (3.3 KB)

All versions:

1.1: Properties+1-1.rbxm (3.3 KB)
1.0: Properties+.rbxm (2.7 KB)

If you have any feedback please tell me!
I’ll be releasing more supported classes and probably more function soon!

Peace ~
~ Frodev


You should make a web call to a Roblox API dump and cache the results instead of manually inputting all the properties and classes (you would have to update the Module every time Roblox releases/removes a property or class)

You can use @Maximum_ADHD’s Client Tracker as a starting place:


You are the Jesus of devforum
Thank you frodev

You’re welcome lol

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New version 1.1. I spent and hour adding these classes lol.
Anyhow here are the new supported classes:

Regular Instances

  • Decal
  • Texture
  • Updates to the Instance class to contain parent, uniqueId, etc.


  • Players
  • SoundService
  • Teams
  • TextChatService
  • StarterPack
  • ServerStorage
  • ServerScriptService
  • ReplicatedStorage
  • ReplicatedFirst
  • StarterGui
  • StarterCharacterScripts
  • StarterPlayerScripts

Enjoy! If you find any bugs please tell me!

Not sure why you can’t just use the API dump

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I dont know how to use them and would rather just have something that is like in roblox basically and dont have to use any API stuff or whatever