Properties Window Upscaling itself to the Largest Size Possible

To make a long story short, as you’ll see with the screenshots below, the Properties window scales itself up to the largest horizontal size possible. This was also an issue when it was previously docked. I’ve tried dragging one end to another to see how truly large it was, but after 5 minutes of consistent dragging I had yet to find the other edge.

At this point, I’ve deleted all Roblox/Studio files on my computer that I could find, and reinstalling studio to ramify the issue, but it’s persisted time and time again.

I’ve no clue how this issue came about, it just suddenly…happened.

Properties window showing up whilst opening studio

Properties window on a standard baseplate

Ok so, time to go a bit technical.

Studio (or Qt, the UI framework it runs on), stores each of the Widget’s geometry in your registry.

This is how if Studio updated, your layout is not affected.

Im not going to claim I know where in the registry this Geometry tag is, but I’m letting you know before hand.

Thank you for that hint there. Duly put, I didn’t know that.

I did a little research, and, referencing this post here:

I was able to essentially delete everything related to Roblox from my registry and get it all sorted. Properties window isn’t broken or super-sized anymore, thank god.

Duplicate, please refer to: