"Property "Animator.EvaluationThrottled" is not currently enabled" when printing a Model

for me i fixed it by just turning log mode on in the 3 dots, top right of the output.

It does not really fix the issue but just hides it since it sends the message to the OS logs

2024-05-06T14:48:47.973Z,1054.973389,e5a8000,6 [FLog::Error] Error: Property “Animator.EvaluationThrottled” is not currently enabled.

But at least the annyoing message is no longer in the studio output.

This issue is still occurring now when printing a Humanoid instance with an Animator inside. It doesn’t break anything, but it’s rather annoying.


It’s been almost a year and this issue is still present in the engine. At this point, can we please just have the error removed altogether, it doesn’t seem like it’s helping anybody.


What he said^
I started getting it today.

yh thanks ,it hides it which is something