Property watcher/breakpoint

I have no idea which of my 30k+ lines is setting this part to be Anchored. Find All is not enough. I need to be able to watch a property so that I can see what’s changing it.


Add a Watch expression to the variable referencing it, and put break points around anything that is altering the Anchored property of the object, then run the script and step through the break points, and analyze what’s going on?

I think you missed:
“30K lines”
“Find all is not enough”

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This would be an awesome feature to have, especially if it tells you the exact line number where it’s properties are being changed.

In sufficiently dynamic systems this doesn’t make sense. I have several variables that can reference any part. Breakpoints aren’t an option when the suspect piece of code runs thousands of times before the problem part even exists.

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This doesn’t solve the problem because I don’t know where the property is being changed from. This would work if I could set a watch on instance properties.


Yeah, as Sharksie said it’s not really enough to be able to tell if a property is within a certain range. Doesn’t really help if you have a property being changed from somewhere without being able to know where, which is what Sharksie was after.

Ah, I misunderstood the request. So you’d want the Watch widget to be able to watch Instance properties as well as variables?


Yeah, that sounds good. Would deal with the problem of trying to find a single part’s property being changed in several thousand lines of code.

Updated the trello card to include that as well!

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Awesome, thank you.

Needing this again. Now I have no idea which line of code is moving a part. Right now the developer is expected to just know which line of code is changing what and if they don’t know that then they’re completely out of luck. Not a good experience.


Needing this as well. Changing

leftWeld.Part0 = character.Torso


leftWeld.Part0 = firstPerson and character.FirstPersonAnchor or character.Torso

magically started making my arm fall off. I wasn’t sure if it was conflicting script that wasn’t handling this case well or ROBLOX’s ass joint system (for which requests for improvement have been aggravatingly ignored!) causing issues again. Two hours later turns out it’s because FirstPersonAnchor was getting removed before leftWeld was having its Part0 updated, causing the aforementioned ass joint system to destroy the joint in an effort to clean up even though I was still using it. This property watcher would have helped significantly in finding the issue.