PropertySync plugin

This plugin will sync the first selected item and applies that item’s properties to other items

This is my second plugin yet, I’m pretty proud of it

link to plugin


Should be a option to select which properties to sync.


thanks for the suggestion, I’ll work on that

update: added a widget that lets you to choose what properties should sync

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Very Very good but the Ui sucks… D: . The on-off button is too THICC. And the font… Yea not gonna say anything about it. Change it so Gotham or something similar.

Also suggestion why not add a option to convert instances? Like Parts into → MeshParts/Seats/VehicleSeats e.t.c.

pardon? what do you mean by that

I said like. Lets say you have a normal part selected. Now I want to convert it to a Seat. I want you to make that which is easy and hard. It will be like property sync but a bit different The second argument aka part wont be required! It will make the part it self! Get it!

ah, ok; ill try to implement that


added a convert button that allows you to convert the first selected instance to the given class and sync its properties