Prop/Map maker for hire!

About Me

Hello! My name is undercoverkidz1. I started building 4 years ago, but I would say that I really picked up on it 1 year ago.
I can do small props and medium-small maps.


You can view a very early preview of my game, D I S P L A Y, here: D I S P L A Y - Roblox

Here are some screenshots of my work

Carlisle lake district airport:

D I S P L A Y Go-Kart


I am available for three hours/day on the weekdays due to online classes, and around 4-5 hours on the weekends. This will vary, however, as lockdown begins to loosen in the UK and I begin to have more real life things to deal with.


My preferred method is robux per asset from group funds. T-shirts can also work, but it is not preferred. Prices are negotiable and will depend on what you wish for me to create. I start at 800 Robux for builds.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or by my tag: undercoverkidz1#8269

I hope we can work together! :slight_smile:


hello there! can i help ya? add me in discord im iiEvilEverettii#1347 :stuck_out_tongue: