Proportions of this train?

Do bear in mind this project is stylised cartoonishly and the model itself is based upon the “Lego Heavy-Haul Train”


Here’s a link to the place, but I’ve only built 1/4 sides of the thing as I’m waiting to finalise it before doing the rest.

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This looks pretty good and very much like the lego train. It does however look ginormous and out of scale compared to the avatar so you may wish to size it down a bit

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I used various images of people stood next to Jailbreak’s train to try find a nice scale. I also tried to consider the interior before building the exterior, making sure the train and carriages would have enough space to move players in.

I did probably build it a bit too large, though, so I’ll see how it looks a tad bit smaller.

Another ‘tip’ I do is by spawning in similar free models and stealing the scale from those, they seemed to be from 8-14 studs wide.