Proposed changes to "Development Discussion"


Since the opening of #development-discussion to regular forum members, we’ve seen a dramatic change in how people communicate in that category. It has gone from being development-related to slowly becoming more and more general Roblox-related.

In this topic, I’m proposing possible changes that could improve the quality of the discussion category, while maintaining a safe and engaging space for everyone.

Alternativ 1 - Subcategories

The current system only allows you to post into the main category, without any possibility of dividing different posts, resulting in a pile of chaos.

Subcategories are a good way to divide the context of a discussion thread. It can help to get the right discussion to the right audience.

Proposed changes

  • 1 | Adjust the name from “Development Discussion” to “Discussion”
  • 2 | New category: “General Discussion”
    • Used for general discussion such as changes within the platform
  • 3 | New subcategory: “Development Discussion”
    • Used for development discussion, such as development methods
  • 4 | Removal of the “Lounge” category in favor of new discussion subcategories.

Alternativ 2 - Category lock

Previously, the “Development Discussion” category was locked to only Regulars. This showed to have less spam and more high-quality posts.

Proposed changes

1 | Lock posting access for rank “Member” in #development-discussion

2 | Unlock posting access for rank “Member” to post in #lounge:roblox-discussion & removal of #lounge:off-topic in favor of this.

The End

I’d love to hear what you guys think. If you have any other suggestions or feedback regarding my proposals, please, let me know below!

I’m in favor of…
  • Alternativ 1 - Subcategories
  • Alternativ 2 - Category link

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Hi there, please focus on describing problems instead of proposed solutions when posting in #feature-requests or #forum-help:forum-features.

This topic describes primarily 2 proposed solutions instead of a problem.

I’m assuming the problem is something along the lines of “It’s hard to find content I am interested in in Development Discussion”, which I think there are already a few open feature requests about.

Feel free to re-file your problem statement along the guidance in About the Forum Features category, or you can find an existing thread to bump.

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