Proposition: Moderation Q&A

Hi there.

I think it’d be super useful if we had an AMA-style thread once a month where we can ask Moderation Staff Questions. This would enable the moderation team to address controversial issues (i.e. recent offsite issues) whilst at the same time the scope means they won’t get spammed with ‘ban x group’ style requests.

Can this be considered?


I think this would be rather interesting. The one main issue that I see is people asking questions regarding moderation actions and other queries, such as “does the report system work?” I’ve actually always wondered the exact process that Roblox moderation undergoes because I find it rather interesting (as well as other processes of moderation actions) and an AMA style Q&A could solve answer that question and the questions of others.


Support! We don’t hear from the moderation/CS team very often, and it would be nice to get a peek inside the inner workings of ROBLOX.

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The report button does in fact work and it always has worked. Roblox moderators have to read through what seems to be countless reports and most of them are extremely likely to be false, which takes time away from reading the actual reports. It does it time but it definitely works.

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One of my biggest wonders comes from how I can upload a decal and see it get taken down in under a second… and we’re talking about a decal I made… like fully my own content. (Inb4 someone says it’s a decal that was already posted and the system cycled it out.) Also, a big thing in the NASCAR Community is Alcoholic Beverage sponsorships. Obviously, this isn’t allow on ROBLOX, however, I’ve seen guys upload a decal 5 different times after adding a few pointless pixels to the car design and magically get it thru. It’s really bizarre how one moderator realizes it’s bad, and then another one doesn’t.

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This isn’t a moderation Q&A. This is a proposal for one.

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I understand this. It’s more about the fact if we get some basic questions down and show the Moderation Team the things we wonder then we might get it more readily.