Prosper | Public Handbook

Prosper High School :school_satchel:

This is the official Prosper High School Public Handbook, kindly recall that this can be changed whenever. The reason for this handbook is to provide resources for our community. On the off chance that you have any inquiries concerning the accompanying assertions, if itโ€™s not too much trouble, get in touch with one of the leadership members.

About Us :mortar_board:

Prosper High School is a ROBLOX education group, we give the best insight inside of the education community. At Prosper High School we bring a positive, reasonable, and happy experience. We are devoted to serving ninth Grade Students on the ROBLOX platform, we oversee Monday through Friday at our assigned hours, which you can track down in our handbook. Our school is known for high innovation and staff opportunities. We offer plenty of services including extracurricular activities, clubs, and many more.

Server Regulations


Respect is crucial while interacting with one another. Please avoid using abusive/exploited comments or remarks against another user disregarding the situation. This policy is strictly enforced to ensure all students & employees feel comfortable on our server.


Anyone caught promoting something without permission will be punished with immediate removal from the PHS communications server.


Participation in raids on our company is strictly prohibited. These coordinates of repeated mentions, spamming, admin abuse, and threats are signs of unauthorized intrusion. If you try to raid our Discord server or during a session, you will be banned and blacklisted from our group.


Our school has a zero-tolerance for any unnecessary drama that accumulates in our group. We ask you to refrain from speaking corrupt upon other Ro-Education groups or other groups in general. This can range from attempting to commence or involve yourself in an argument with another individual.


Sending harmful threats against another user or towards the group itself is not tolerated. Do not attempt to recreate remarks of violence to harm others. You will be banned if witnessed. Doxxing/DDosing is prohibited.

Alliance Information

Thank you for taking the time to consider having any alliance with Prosper High School. Before sending an application, we kindly ask you to read our requirements. If you have met all of them, you may send your application in.


  • The group must have over 50 members and should be growing at a moderate or fast pace.
  • The group should not be botted, and all members should be honestly deserved.
  • The group must maintain activity in their Discord server.
  • The group must not bring any drama, have any drama nor have a regretful past.
  • Your group must be one of the following genres: cafe, restaurant, Ro-Education, bakery, hotel, clothing, gameshow, etc. We do not affiliate with any military/hangout groups.


  • What group are you applying for? Please include your communications server and Roblox group
  • Give a brief description of your group.
  • How will you benefit Prosper High School?
  • How would you like Prosper High School to benefit your group?
  • Do you match our requirements?
  • Please list two representatives for your group.

If you are interested in forming an alliance with Prosper High School please make a ticket in our communications server.

Prosper Ban Appeal

If you are banned from Prosper and you do want to be unbanned please feel out this form.

Prosper Leadership
Username Position Discord
R4I6Y Building Principal maar#5349
spklq Assistant Principal, Employee Relations $$alexis,#0001
chiraqfelon Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Instruction #9253ูดูด
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