PROTAGORAS FALLS - a survival-horror game idea (Outdated)

Hello, DevForum!

Almost a year ago I came up with an idea for a co-op survival horror game, that you might be interested with and I would like to see of what you think about it. Right now me and my friend are working on designing this game and making sure it won’t be so hard for everyone according to it’s difficulty. For us It’ll be a hard part of creating it, since I’m pretty newbie at Roblox Lua, friend doesn’t know Roblox Studio (but knows coding) and maybe I’ll be seeking for devs and going forward on learning the coding basics.

I’ve called it “Protagoras Falls”

The story in short: The events of this game are happening in a little town called Protagoras Falls, located near Little Bay lake in Michigan which was invaded by demonic forces almost possessing all of it’s population. The Federal Bureau of Paranormal Events had to lock down Protagoras Falls to quarantine, blocking every entrance to this town and cordoning off it’s area from the public. You’re taking a role of FBPE special operator in order to hold control on the quarantine zone, know more about the nature of these demonic forces and not let them escape from Protagoras Falls.

This game is hardly focused on how long can you hold out in Protagoras Falls, since you have to scavenge all around the town for weapons, ammo, medpacks and other recourses in order to survive. It’s separated in two phases: day and night

In the night players have to survive, facing and dealing against the Takens (that’s how I call the main antagonists of this game). Teamwork in this game is a key for survival, including that they will be spawned in a random location of a map separately.

Common Takens can only carry melee weapons, causing any trauma to the player on hit, that they will have to cure it by themselfs after injury (fracture, bleeding, headache and etc.) Beside the commons, the players will also face the uncommon Takens, which one of them carries a high-end gear, making them harder to eliminate, and a firearm, causing to the player a big damage on hit. They’re grumbling out loud in player’s area, alerting them about a higher threat nearby;
The second one is stealthy, lurking, geared with a poisoned crossbow and dagger. They can climb on the trees, street lights, other objects and shoot the player from there with poisoned arrows + can jump over the player and take a chance to hit them with a dagger, also causing a poison and trauma (this ones can’t be alerted, since they’re stealthy one).

A miniboss is also gonna be in this game: The Beast - a bigger enemy, that is capable of throwing different objects at the player (rocks, cars, street lights, anything that he can carry), kickbacking them in the direction and slowing down their movement for a few seconds, also causes them a very big melee damage on hit.

In the morning/day, nothing threatens you. The Takens cannot walk on sunlight, since their skin are very sensitive to it, otherwise they just burn up on the sunlight. You will have some time on a free roam around the map, finding weapons, more ammo, medpacks and etc. to be prepared for the next night full-packed.

…and that’s it!

More contents to this game I can’t actually write here, since it is gonna be a HUGE spoiler to the full game (except the little objectives with buffed Takens, stress level and it’s own RE-like grid inventory systems).

Some OST’s for the closure I’ve made so far from the other topic of mine, since it’s pretty old:

Thanks for reading!

Edit: Adding volumetrics to some environements, there’s the result



I love this idea! It already sounds like a triple a title. I’m intrigued to learn more about it. If the game ever gets released, I will likely check it out (given that I remember).

The night-day mechanic is nice. It gives keeps you on edge thinking on what will happen at night. Once evening approaches, it’s likely that the feeling of fright will start to build up.

The music for the game is quite well composed! I love the vibe you’re going for. Although, The first two songs I wouldn’t use for the gameplay, rather, I’d use it for some sort of title screen or men’s. The third one is ambient enough to use as music for daylight. I would like to be able to hear any Tankens at night so a light ambience is what I would consider at max.

The stealthy taken would be quite the nuisance to me in my opinion. As a player, you would want to have control in what you’re doing. It’s quite tilting to die to something you can’t control. I would suggest some sort of small indicator, or some effect within a short time frame so it’s a little harder to dodge than normal Tankens.

Great idea! Good luck!

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I assume the OST was composed using FL Studio, correct? I must commend you on your composition and instrumentation. Seems to be of the novice level, but regardless, the OST sounds great for this game.

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Honestly, yeah. I’m not planning on using the first one in-game, maybe for trailers and OST release.

The second one I named “Morning Rises Again”, as it plays dynamically in the day time, so there’s more of it. Made with feeling of, something like, between instilling a piece of anxiety on the character and giving a leap of faith on stopping things that happened to once a peaceful town sooner. 50/50.

Some other tracks I can’t show off yet, but promising that the soundtrack will be more darker and bolder.

That’s what I was afraid of, actually. I may think about adding an indicator that will warn a player before stealthy one takes a clean shot on them to have more control on situations like this, as you suggested. Thanks for the advise!


These are the first big something I was composing.

Ableton Live Lite and a few free VSTs with sample libraries and a synthesizer.

The game seems really cool and I can’t wait to see it in future development! If you ever need an intermediate - somewhat advanced scripter I’m up for grabs. :]

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Woah, I mean… wow.

Being honest, I’m not ready to pay any funds for a job right now, but that would be cool.

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sounds like a nice project. if it starts being concrete and you need scripters hmu.

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I mean if you ever wanted to make it I’m up for pay with income from the game, I’m not pricy either.

Yeah, we definitely need scripters now. Making in-game systems with designing a game all together feels more easy to navigate on what we’re aiming on

Including that my friend is a bit busy this year with his stuff irl, we may hit the road on early Christmas


Great game idea, except it really sounds like a copy of the description from “Those who Remain” but with a few twists.

I can’t agree more, but if you’re planning on making the game realistic, make the threat partially controllable.

Anyways, amazing thumbnails, I think the game will do really well.

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I don’t really know what’s about the description, honestly, but this game will be a lot different from TWR.

About stealthy Taken - yeah, we’ll try to balance it fairly, so you would be able to control over them in many stress scenarios.

Up for grabs as a designer? I got you

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I’m already designing enemies, world and other stuff in the game, but in case if I need assistance in design somewhere - I’ll think about it.


I really love ideas like these,but most of the time they all turn into the same generic zombie survival game.

I’d gladly play a game like this if it had its unique identity.Perhaps try adding something like a stealth mechanic against the monsters.Where you could sneak through them or even assassinate them from behind.
Honestly I’d suggest adding anything that goes against conventional means of zombie games.
Maybe try adding more stuff on defence rather than offence.

Of course… this is your game,so I can’t really control your decisions,but this is just what I feel.

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Hope it won’t be an ordinary zombie shooter game, but an actual survival horror

Edit: I don’t like games, when they don’t give you an actual purpose to achieve and also when the games don’t want you to learn it’s mechanics. I’m more focused on designing this game a cooperative-based, make the game create it’s unique scenarios in player’s experience, and also try to balance it fairly in case if someone wants to do it solo.

Then again, it’s just a basic description of a game and it’ll be a lot more bolder in the release. Spoilers ahead.

Love the idea but I’ve got a question, will there be a campaign to the game? The way you described the game sounded like it would be round based and I’m wondering if there’s going to be a campaign with an ending.

That’s a good question.

We nearly got started building the map for a game, so there’s still alot of thing that we need to work on. I can’t say much of anything about campaign and story itself, but I was thinking about putting this story in-game by providing it in missions/secrets with collectibles around the map, to open a story so far from pieces the player finds.

About endings - well, depends on how far we can build this game.

I’d definitely script for this game, I’m an intermediate-advanced scripter. You might know the civ 6 game I’m making right now.

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