Protection of Remote Events

I made a small code that prevents Remote Events from being deleted in the middle of the game in order to protect the Anti Hack codes. What the code does is make sure that if a player deletes for himself Remote Events in any way Remote Event it will kick him out of the game. Can a code like this damage the game? Are there Remote Events that should be deleted for the player in the game? Because otherwise it will kick him.

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How are you checking that the Remote got deleted or its existence?

If you are doing it on ServerSide, a exploiter can delete the remote and Server will never know, if you are doing it on client side, exploiter can delete that script, so your system wont work.

Honestly I think that your idea at the end goes useless, cause you cant track that


No, the remotes won’t get deleted by themselves. The proper location is ReplicatedStorage, which means once the remote events are replicated, they’ll stay there. On other locations, there is a higher risk of removing an object and forgetting to not punish the player in the process.

Keep in mind that exploiters have a lot of freedom with what they can do on their computer. Most changes don’t replicate, and they have a lot of control over local scripts. They may attach metatables, disable scripts, and so forth, in spite of obfuscation, running in nil, or other interesting tactics to make the exploiter’s job more difficult.

A more secure approach would be checking on server whether a client hasn’t responded via the remote event/function for a particularly long time.

Or honey pots, where you install fake remote events with tempting names and pray on exploiters firing them.

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You have to find among all kinds of Remote Events their name and other things the one you really need and then find a way to delete it, but if they delete it they will get a kick from the game.

You’re better off crashing them

Cool, but you didnt answer if you are doing it on from a ServerScript or a LocalScript. Which doesnt matter, I already explained it, that wont work, exploiters can bypass your security system without any effort

There is a simple fix to this and that is to get better security, all the executors currently working are pretty easy to detect so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Easy fix for what?

Thats better security?..

Theres a huge debate about what you are saying. What are your sources?
Theres no a secure way to check if remotes still exist on client side unless you use client side scripts, which can be bypassed pretty easy, antiExploits should not be based on clientSide…
And serverSide is not able to check if those remotes exist on clientSide.

@waves5217 already suggested a couple of approaches that works better than OPs idea.

What do you suggest?

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I do it server side, so it detects if Remote Event is deleted for someone.

Thats exactly the first reason why your system doesnt work. I already explained.

Server is unable to know if client deleted the Remote!

If a exploiter deletes the remote that doesnt replicate, means that the Remote doesnt exist ONLY for that client. so Server still SEE the remote in the right place, while client doesnt have the remote anymore. That wont work!

My system is working, I asked if it could cause problems in the game, the goal of what I wanted I reached it. I just asked if such a system could cause problems?

The only problem I see is that a exploiter can delete the Remote and your ServerScript will never know, so it will never detect the exploiter and it will never kick the exploiter, thats the only issue I see, other than that, yup its good.