(Protfolio) Scripter open for hire

About me :
I am 15 years old i am a scripter i have been scripting for 2 months now
I would like start working for anyone that needs

Proof of my work will be in DM’s discord

Payments :
Will talk about payments in DM’s
I dont take much my max is 5k

Discord : By Rithboy1#4734


This is not the correct category. #collaboration:portfolios is the correct one. Please move it there.

Read about the category here: About the Collaboration category.

Your post must be way bigger and must be more informative, please follow the template. Template for Portfolios

Alr i am sorry did not know i am new here

It’s alright. But that’s what Rules are for, you can always read the Category Rules too.

I understand that mistakes are normal. But you can avoid them by reading rules.

Good luck.

Please include games you have scripted for. This will give me more time instead of waiting for you to reply with your examples.

Hello i dont have games that i have done it with but i can do something on screen share

You said I’m programming for 2 months, I think 2 months are not enough to become a good scripter, you need to list us what you can do and you have to follow Template for Portfolios.


Two months are nowhere near enough for scripting experience.


It is for me- I learned lots of stuff in about 2 months. But still this person needs to have example games with scripts.

You do you, but unless you want messy code to cover very important bits that shouldn’t be messy such as data stores, then be my guest.

Guys it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been scripting for all that matters is how good you are. But yes it would be very helpful if you could give examples of what you can do even a list like in my portfolio should do.

PS: You’ve got a spelling mistake in the title

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I don’t think that 2 months is enough time to sstart charging for scripting, and the fact that you don’t have any work shown, and a ton of grammar mistakes that makes you seem less professional. Please expand your portfolio if you want people to commission you.

You still haven’t fixed the spelling mistake in the title.

Hey! I Want To Hire You As A Scripter. I Will Pay 20 Robux For A Small Task. Its A Stage Selector. I Already Have Saving Script. I Need Only Script For A Stage Selector. Dm Me In Discord: NvTheDeveloper#8022