Proton DevLog 4

Check out the previous DevLog here.

It’s been nearly a month since the last DevLog! I’ve been really busy with school so work on this app has slowed down but it’s still being worked on. That said I’ve chosen a name: Proton. The reason for this being this app will be the first of its kind in Roblox and proton is the greek word for first. I don’t have many shiny things to showcase today but there’s a lot of backend less exciting stuff being worked on.

Fuzzy Finder

I’ve been working on a way of actually adding nodes in. Here’s the actual concept for it in my notes:

I’m still working on seamlessly implementing this but it’s slowly coming along:


The current hotkey for it is SHIFT+A.


So the majority of the work the past month has been focused on having nodes compile into actual code. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds. I have experience creating compilers so I figured I would rewrite the Luau AST. Like many of my initial ideas this was stupid. I ended up using the roblox-ts AST and renderer. This proved to work nicely. The next step is actually integrating it with the app but more importantly, the Roblox API. Here’s the first successful compilation:


Doesn’t really seem like much but it’s major progress.

Closing Remarks

Thanks for reading! Like I said, most of the things I’ve been working on are backend so when I actually have some more interesting things to show I’ll post another dev log.

EDIT: As of Feb. 13, 2022 this project has been restarted thanks to Flutter releasing support for Windows desktop apps. Flutter compiles directly into assembly meaning performance is extremely optimized while still having a great UI which is exactly what I needed.


Sorry for bumping, but this is really nice. Are you going to finish it, or make another devlog?

I’ve been really busy unfortunately and ended up running into performance issues at one point with the app where I realized I had to switch to a lower level language. So I started writing it in C++ but wasn’t happy with the GUI libraries there then switched to Rust and also wasn’t happy with those libraries. I decided to go back to Electron & React but am rewriting everything from the ground up and implementing as many optimizations as possible. At the same time I have other projects going on including a plugin called RoUI3 which should be releasing in a week or so then I’ll have more time. Here’s a look at the start screen for the new app.



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