Provide IDEAS for a BIG Map Showcase

I am attempting to make a Map that includes my ideas. This is for a Showcase, I am Building and Modeling the Assets in the Low Poly Style!

I cannot think of any ideas that would work well for me, and the image I am Imagining for the Map!

I have tried finding Reference Pictures that could give me ideas and Inspire me to make the Map, I have already made a list of ideas, and Models I need to make!

Reference/Inspiration (Don’t worry about the circle)

Ideas I have:

Flower Theme
Main Scene is a Glowing Flower that is Dying, this Scene is able to walked up to by going up a set of stairs, with embedded glowing lights!
Lots of Flowers, Plants, Grass, Mushrooms, Trees, and other Vegetation around the Map!

Ideas I am looking for:

Objects that are Visually Appealing and Glow
Unique Ideas that fit my Theme (Unique Types of Vegetation, or Objects)

If you have any Ideas that fit the Categories that I have listed, please feel free to let me know, you are greatly contributing and helping me with this Showcase, any and all Help is Appreciated!

Thankyou, and Have A Good Day!