Providing an In-Game Tutorial To Players

So, obviously sometimes you need to provide things to a user, specifically information on how to do a specific action in-game. I’d like to allow users to place their own custom cars in my game, and in the past I’ve used Decal ID number, but I can’t get the pure image that way, soooo, I want to teach the users to instead find the Pure Image, aka the Image ID. The easiest way is for them to do that in studio.

So, the question is, how should I go about doing that exactly?

Do you think providing a step by step tutorial with Studio Screenshots would be a good idea?
Am I allowed to do that?

My Steps would essentially be:

  • Insert Decal from the Toolbox
  • Find the Decal’s “Texture” Property from the Property Tab
  • Copy the numbers from that link area.
  • Paste into the game

Open to better suggestions though, if anybody has them.

Also, seriously, can I upload screenshots of Studio as a decal to Roblox? I’d assume so, however, I’m concerned that they’ll just get ripped down for something dumb like small text.

I’d say go for it. If you can, only snip the relevant area of the screen to lessen the likelihood of the “small text” issue. It may also be a good idea to blur out every decal that isn’t the one you’re dropping in.

You can use insert service to insert the decal with the asset id.

I have to own the decal to do that. I want users to be able to upload their own Decals.
I’ve feature requested alternatives to this for the past few weeks to no avail.

Links to various posts:
Scripting Support - Any idea of how to do it without InsertService?
Web Feature - Change the Group “Owner” versus “Creator” for Group Assets
2017 Post Requesting a way to convert Decals to Assets


I usually walk away from games when it’s loading. A good example of a Roblox tutorial (appearance and explanation wise-not in relations to the way it fits into the game) is fantastic frontier. You should look into something like that.

Well, it’d be an optional tutorial. Like, it’s apart of a “Pay for a Paint Scheme” system, so only people buying Custom Cars would even wind up on that page, and when they do, they’d have the option to open the tutorial.

I do have a line of code devoted to checking the number they put in to make sure it’s an ImageID instead of a DecalID, but for those who want to upload, but don’t know how, I’d like to teach them.

Honestly I’d just make a tutorial on here and have a link in the description and just refer them to that link… “Want to upload your own image? Check the link in the description to find out how”
(Probably post it on the bulletin board along with other tutorials for your game)


Solid point but idk. I think it being in-game would be nicer just so they don’t have to like leave the game if their computer is bad.

Make sure you use textlabel for text so it can be translated easily into different languages.

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Have you tried using get product info? That might return the correct id. If that does not work you can check lower IDs until the creator is the same and the asset is a decal image

Although that usually works, it’s not a very scalable method. Because of the rapid asset creation rate, you might have to go through hundreds of IDs before finding the correct image. This will get even worse in the future.


Get Product Info has no option to do that.

Not to mention the amount of time span it’d take to do checks like that. I was talking to BuildThomas about it because in 2016 he proposed a script solution to finding the assetid. It takes 200 ms to execute each asset. So to go back 50 assets to find the image id of one decal would be 10 seconds. Yea. Oof.

Hence why I’ve made feature requests to literally do anything to help me out cuz there is no reason not to have that feature. Honestly.

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Welcome to Bloxburg has a Decal Uploading System doesn’t it?

Are you using this method?

If not then maybe you can share your method if you don’t mind.

Similar thread

I would suggest doing both In game and DevForum Thread Tutorial.

Correct. The game currently uses that method.

Been thinking about using thumbnails instead, but that doesn’t work very well with different aspect ratios.


The only reason I can’t do the check and go situation is because if 10 players all have custom cars, and it has to perform 50 checks each to get to the paint scheme (it shouldn’t but just in-case) it could be up to 100 seconds of waiting during car spawning just to make that happen. Not a good system.

It’s either this way or you use HTTPService stuff

I’ve just been using the Thumbnail Method, using DecalID, but now giving players the option to upload an Asset ID for a crisper, nicer, car.

OH, so you are allowing players to upload their own stuff and you are making a tutorial on how to do that?

Then you should

You could make a group where Players can upload stuff so you can use InsertService, but also attach a fee to uploading and also make sure you verify the User because you don’t want to get Moderated because your players uploaded a Decal to your group.

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My plan is just making a separate system for them to upload asset IDs for a higher price. This tutorial is to teach them how to get the ID