Get AssetID from a Decal

Any ideas of how to pull the ContentID/AssetID from a DecalID without using InsertService of the Decal, and then pulling the Texture to get the AssetID?

I want to shy away from the current method I’m using, which is:
because 420x420 isn’t a high enough quality for me.

I was using InsertService, but I want users to be able to use the system to take their DecalID rather than forcing them to go get their AssetID themselves, and that way make the system easier for them, while also not sacrificing the picture quality.

Example of Decal ID
Example of Asset ID


I use the BTRoblox chrome extension, and it provides a button that links directly to the decal image asset:


I’m trying to do it in-game. I’m having users input a decal ID for a custom car and then after they pay for the car saving the car name/car decal/car manufacturer and when the next race happens their custom car appears on the car they race as. I opted to not make the user have to go get the image ID but now the only way to get their decal on the car is using the Thumbs method which is poor quality being 420x420 rather than 2048x2048

What’s wrong with using InsertService? That would be the correct way to do it.

Can’t InsertService a decal that I don’t own. Someone bought a custom car and broke my entire game because it stopped my whole game waiting to receive the texture ID during car spawning from the Inserted decal but InsertService won’t insert anything that the owner of the game doesn’t already own with the exception of things owned by Roblox.