Proximity Audio Brick


I was wondering if anyone could help me in making a script I can put in a part, that plays an audio. The close you get to the brick, the louder the audio gets, and vice versa. I am a builder, and have very little experience in scripting. I’m assuming this would be an easy script, but I may be wrong. (I don’t even know if it is possible to achieve this without a script or not, but tampering around in the properties of the audio, I saw nothing in which could help me.) I couldn’t find any FMs either in which could help me achieve this. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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Putting audio into a part will automatically make it quieter/louder based on the player’s proximity to it. Explore sounds a bit more.

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Well that is what I thought, but when I tested it, it was either full audio or no audio.

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Is the sound’s parent the part?


Your RollOffMode should be Linear, Inverse starts at max volume and becomes quieter as you approach the source.


Do you know how to make it be the closer your character gets rather than the camera?

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Since Roblox uses the camera it would be a bit tricky to do that efficiently. I would think one way would be to move the sound’s source part relative to the part’s position from your character’s position. There may be a better way though, I haven’t ever given that concept too much thought. I have a feeling it would be quite disorienting if the sound played around your character rather than your camera though.

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Increase the EmitterSize to a much higher number. That’s why you don’t hear it when you’re far away.