Proximity prompt doesnt work

I added Proximity prompt and ClickDetector to part but it doesn’t show up and doesn’t work,
I’ve been trying for a day, I couldn’t solve it

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Search ProximityPrompt on the site.

i mean things like proximityprompt i added to part are not working

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Yes, but saying something doesn’t work when you don’t explain any more than that doesn’t help us try to fix the problem. Just “adding a ProximityPrompt and ClickDetector” doesn’t make the ProximityPrompt work. You have to script it.

Imaging taking a car to a mechanic and only saying “It’s broken”. How the heck could they fix it if you don’t give them as much information as possible.

Because you didn’t let us know what you’ve tried, or giving us the script you’ve been working with we can’t really help you.

Here are some links from using the word ProximityPrompt on the site (I can see you didn’t click the link I provided)…
ProximityPrompt | Roblox Creator Documentation
Proximity Prompts | Roblox Creator Documentation
ProximityPromptService | Roblox Creator Documentation

Some posts I just searched using the forum Search tool at the top of this page with the term ProximityPrompt.
Starter tutorial | How to spawn parts with ProximityPrompts
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ProximityPrompt keycard door player problem


If it doesn’t show up, try setting RequiresLineOfSight to false in the prompt’s properties.