Proximity Prompt Moving bug

Hi I’m currently writing a script that moves a part to a random location however the proximity prompt Doesn’t appear when I move it, How can I Make the proximity Prompt appear?

local location = workspace.GunParts.GunParts:GetChildren()
local positions = workspace.GunParts.PartPositions:GetChildren()

for i = 1, #location do 
	local chance = math.random(1, #positions)
	chance = math.random(1, #positions)						 
	location[i].Position =[chance].position.X,positions[chance].position.Y,positions[chance].position.Z)
	table.Remove(BannedTable, chance)

try seeing if disabling the proximity prompt before moving it, then re-enabling it works

Nah i tried and the same problem

how about doing this?

for each part do
   hide proximity prompt
   teleport part


for each part do
   show proximity prompt