Proximity Prompt not showing correctly

Hello Everyone,

In this few week I have try something new about “Proximity Prompt” and I have see something that made me confused.

In the video you will see that I build a cafe and there’s a barrier that prevent player from entering the cashier, and the problem is I use the Proximity Prompt with my cashier and when I walk to the front of the cashier the Proximity Prompt UI doesn’t show in my screen but when I zoom in the barrier It show only in the barrier.

Did I need to setting up anything or It’s just a glitch that roblox need to fix or something? If you know anything about this problem could you explain about this for me please?

Thank you for reading this topic and sorry for some rude.


Sorry for zooming in and zooming out guys ;-;

There might be something blocking the proximity prompt as it has a property called RequiresLineOfSight.