Proximity Prompt Studio Beta

Have you read the post clearly? You need to insert it by insert an object called ProximityPrompt.


the beta thingy is open and its not here


Once we are out of beta, the finalized API and documentation will be there. The full API for beta is listed in this post. Thanks for trying it out!


Did you read the post clearly or not? You need to enable beta features in studio before you can insert it. I suggest you please read the topic again and slowly.


i said i opened it I ENABLED IT


Small question from me, since I think my last post was “spammy”. Would I be able to create features such as an egg-opening system from this beta-feature? I know it may seem quite dumb, but just a wild thought that flew into my head, since I am currently developing a “simulator” game. Your feedback would be much appreciated, thanks. :smile:


Have you restart studio? :man_facepalming:


yeah more than 3 times i did it


Then, I’m not sure what’s the problem.


You should have no problem implementing this into your simulator if your egg system involves 3D objects, as that is the whole premise of this API.


This also happens when you try putting in a model, and on top of this, it would be nice if we could put it in a model and it would go to the top of the model, or scale between the parts in the model, similar to billboard GUI’s.

I have a few questions:

  1. How does HoldDuration work? Is it based on the task scheduler (i hope not, the task scheduler can slow down under heavy load) or is it an accurate timer?
  2. What part in the player’s character does it use to determine how close it is to the button? I’m assuming it’s the HumanoidRootPart, but better to ask instead of assume.
  3. Will we be able to set which location is used for distance detection for games that don’t use humanoids?

edit Saw in another reply that apparently it uses Camera.Focus when there’s no character. I’m still not sure about 2, because it wasn’t clarified which part.

I think it would be better to do it like SoundService listener setting, where you can provide a variety of different values (instances, cframes etc) to be the listener.


Could you possibly add a “fade-in” and “fade-out” effect, where the GUI gets smaller and more transparent the further you walk away? That would be awesome, instead of just having it pop into view.

Smaller the further you get, larger the closer you get.

More transparent the further you get, more opaque the closer you get.

I’d be very pretty- having just a sudden button pop up has it’s uses, but a fade-in fade-out is much prettier.

(Not mine:)


Default, professional UI is a nice addition- making sure that the prompt fits with the style of the menu, and having something nice-looking quick.

It’s also nice that you targeted such an essential feature- nearly all games I can think of used their own version, whether it be E to open a door or see another player’s statistics.


Great work, I think this will help a lot of games out with interactives and such. Quick question, is this feature studio only, or is it completely live in-game?


This is really neat! It takes something rather difficult to do and gives a really simple “in” for developers who wouldn’t know how to do it otherwise. And a huge time-saver for people who know how to do it but don’t want to make a system from scratch.

A great feature.


1: In cases in which there are multiple prompts near each other that all take the same input when exclusivity is Global or OnePerButton, how are the prompts prioritized? Does it consider cursor position/camera angle or is it arbitrary?

2: In my custom prompt system, I have a context based priority system, where potentially more relevant prompts can be prioritized. For example, if I’m holding an ore, I prioritize the prompts to add the ore to a furnace at a higher priority than the prompt to close the furnace door or other random prompts that might be nearby. I don’t want the other prompts to be disabled; I just want them to not appear if a high priority prompt is nearby. Will a similar priority system be implemented for this feature?


This is a really cool feature! If I use this in a game will it work or do beta features only work in roblox studio?

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Neat, so to speak I guess now I can just prompt people to buy a VIP item/area/door/vehicle using that, which will be very useful!


I believe that it’s only in-Studio for the time being because we have to opt-into the Beta Feature in order to use it. I’m fairly certain that anything that requires us to opt-in will be Studio-only until that process is no longer required.

Also @crypto_mancer, the deprecated versions of :Connect() are being used in the example code blocks – I wanted to bring it up just in case that wasn’t intentional.


Great questions!

  1. It updates at your current framerate. The task scheduler is not used currently.
  2. By default, it uses the PrimaryPart of the local player’s Character, which by default is the HumanoidRootPart. If no character exists, it uses the camera’s focus position
  3. You can use the camera’s focus position if player.Character is nil. You can also set the player’s character to a non-humanoid model, in which case the PrimaryPart’s position will be used for proximity prompts.