Proximity Prompt Trigger

Hello I’m dealing with proximity prompt , but I’m wandering how can I avoid two players trigger it at the same time . Can anyone help me ?

You can change the Exclusivity to OneGlobally to make sure that only one ProxmityPrompt is being displayed globally, as such:

“ OneGlobally - If multiple proximity prompts are set to OneGlobally exclusivity, only one proximity prompt is visible at any given time, regardless of their proximity or keycode. The camera’s view direction determines which proximity prompt is visible. This is useful to minimize proximity prompt distraction when there are several in an area. “

But this is if a player wants a proximity prompt to be see only if pointed by the camera

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Oh that’s my bad, I should’ve read the documentation. I thought it the Exclusivity was for the amount of clients which can view the ProxmityPrompt. Anyway I assume you want the ProxmityPrompt to be disabled for other players once a single player is in the vicinity of the ProxmityPrompt. But that requires some ‘hacky’ methods ( from my understanding of the ProxmityPrompt system ). So instead you can use a ‘clicked’ variable within the .Triggered function. As such:

local proxmityPrompt: ProxmityPrompt = script.Parent -- or where ever your proxmity prompt is

local promptTriggered: boolean = false :: boolean

proxmityPrompt.Triggered:Connect(function(playerWhoTriggered: Player)
    if (promptTriggered :: boolean) then

    promptTriggered = true :: boolean

This code makes sure that the ProxmityPrompt is only triggered once. If you wish to re-enable the ability to trigger the ProxmityPrompt just set the promptTriggered variable to false. As such:

promptTriggered = true :: boolean

I hope this helps