Proximity Prompts, MaxActivationDistance

Hi, I’m putting a proximity prompt inside a player’s HumanoidRootPart, and it’s been very challenging to trigger it.

Right now i’ve turned off “RequiresLineOfSight”, and the max activation distance is 75. What should I set max activation distance to if I want it to be less challenging to trigger?

Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.

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I don’t really see the point, sorry, could you put an illustration or something ?

Sorry, my bad. When you go up the player, the proximity prompt should show. But instead, at the moment you have to get extremely close to the player to trigger the prompt.

I’m wondering what would be a good distance to prevent this (So you don’t have to get extremely close)

Use magnitude (or studs) i think 20 to 40 should be a reasonable distance to trigger the PMP

It’s currently at 100 and I’m still having troubles with it
Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 11.12.50 AM

Are you sure any other Proximity Prompts aren’t already on your screen? If that’s the case, you may have to adjust the ProximityPromptExclusivity.

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To make it less challenging to trigger, I would lower the hold duration. 0.5 → 2 seconds is reasonable.

Oh, sorry, maxActivationDistance? Around 20 → 50 I think is good.

If I disabled a proximityprompt in a local script (The one in the local player), do you think the server counts it as a prompt?

If it does, i think what you suggested might be causing the problem.

Changes from the client don’t replicate, the server will still see it as enabled.

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Do you know what this means?

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 11.42.20 AM

Honestly I have no clue, most likely a bug since it’s located in the CoreScripts. You may want to file a bug report or reply to an existing one.

You could try switching the KeyCode to another key and then switch it back to E.