ProximityPrompt completely broken

I am so confused. I have been trying to bugfix this for hours, however the proximityprompt I have fires multiple times, ignoring all wait functions or debounces I try to manually code in. This makes no logical sense, as the firing of proximityprompt is handled by Roblox and should have nothing to do with my code, however it’s even stranger that I can’t just code around this issue, as it fires my if statements that should only fire if the debounce is up, and does so instantaneously. In the same game I have shorter code that fires the proximityprompt only once as normal. How is this possible?

The reason this was happening is due to two scripts checking for proximity prompts, these prompts only enable after the player chooses between two options, and an error in coding in the other option let it check for proximityprompts before it was clicked.

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