ProximityPrompt making scrolling frame not work

Hello, I am trying to make a stand like in PLS DONATE and its working good so far but whenever i add a proximity prompt to the stand the scrolling frame stops working, even if they have different parents. I’ve tried making the proximity prompt inside a script and just adding it in the explorer but neither seem to work, i’ve also tried putting it as a child to different parts but again it doesnt work. Any help would be awesome thanks.

No proximity prompt: (Works fine)

With proximity prompt: (Doesn’t work)


just add a random block part where the stand is (more precisely where you want the proximity promt Ui to show up), make it transparent and anchored and add the proximity promt there. I dont know why it currently messes up your scrolling frame, it could be because of some kind of conflict of UIs inside the model?

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Yeah that’s kinda what I thought too, I tried doing this with a part inside the model and it didn’t seem to work so after work today I’ll try putting that part outside the model and see how it goes, thanks.