ProximityPrompt Pritority

I need a bit of help with ProximityPrompt, I tried reading the documentation but I didn’t find anything useful :upside_down_face:

I have ProximityPrompts with the same Keycode in this case E, using the same Keycode is easier for users but the problem is I want certain ProximityPrompts to take priority over other ones for example:

a Door vs a Chest

in any case where both of these are near each other I want the Chest’s ProximityPrompt to take priority instead of the Door’s ProximityPrompt.

How can I achieve this with Built-in functionality of ProximityPrompts? or do I have to hard code it…

You might wanna take a look at the Exclusivity property.

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I think I might have solved the problem after experimenting

ProximityPrompt.Exclusivity = Enum.ProximityPromptExclusivity.AlwaysShow

but it is very unfortunate that we do not have more documentation over these behaviors…

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Yea that is unfortunate. But I guess we’ll get more documentation on this class in the future since it is still new.