PROximityprompt + Release!

It’s coming in the v2 version, which should be out in not long at all. Well if you mean’t the background transparency, then i can assure you it’s coming! And yes, the font color can already be changed!

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sorry but if youre not using attributes or tags and youre a scripter youre doing something wrong you should use them almost everytime you can its way more performant than making new instances (of course there are times that instances will be needed but if you can use attributes instead of instances do it) thanks for the resource btw i will probably be using it thanks

May i ask what you’re talking about? This entire project is based of attributes as when i noticed attributes existed, i made this. I don’t quite understand your approach, so a recap of what you just said would be appreciated.

here you said you never really used them so thats why i wrote what i wrote and you seem like youre not quite a beginner