PROximityprompt + Release!

:wave: Hello people!

I’ve been working on a pretty simple project that i would like to share with you guys. Now, i don’t want to be talking too much so let’s get to the point.
So customizing proximityprompt’s is not fun AT ALL, it’s wasting your time, so i made a tool that can easily customize it with use of the property menu. I used attributes to do this, and i think since i never really have used them, this would be the perfect time to do so. What this includes:


Everything showed in this picture can be found under attributes in the localscript’s properties!
Of course more may come if this post is liked.
Here is some examples of what i made with it:
Theme: VANILLA +
Theme: BLUE
Theme: BLUE


  1. Purchase the item from roblox’s marketplace for free. The link is found at the bottom of this post.

  2. Go in studio and put it in your game by going in the toolbox > owned items > and clicking my asset.

  3. Now put the asset in StarterPlayerScripts, thats all and now just change the properties and your ready to start the adventure!



Very cool! I am happy to finally be able to have custom buttons in my game.


The customizability reminds me of Satchel (that backpack script that has a vanilla feeling while having customizability)


Your custom gui doesnt work.
Am I missing something?

u gotta change the proximity prompt under the part to custom in properties

Ah yes, should’ve been more precise when i published this. But as Agile_Vfx said you gotta turn on “custom” in the part that you want to change in the properties. Completely forgot to say this!

is there a way to customize the maximum size here? Or atleast a work around?


nevermind found a way to make it smaller. Its really simple

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I made my proximity prompt custom, I put the script in StarterPlayerScripts, and it still seems to not work? How did you do it? This looks really cool and I wanna try it

its as simple as changing the style to custom and doing whatever, if you have changed some of the properties and attributes, it should look different

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and shows up as this

odd, i have no idea. Maybe wait for a response from @ClassicDevz ?


Its because I didn’t customize the attributes, my bad for this confusion lol

Will be making this easier to do in the next version, thanks for the feedback, also how did you do it?

I pretty much added a few lines to change the billboardgui size. But the other buttons and text i could also change but i didnt bother enough for it.

Noted, i will be implementing this in my new version. Thanks for the tip!

Thank you so much for the effort put into this resource, it’s great!

It would be nice if the new version had a few more things:

Padding. I preferred less space around the text, but increasing the text size causes longer text to run far off the background.

Background transparency. This could be useful if you want full transparency, or none at all. This property would be best as a NumberValue of course.

Lastly, the ability to change the actual button’s color and transparency. I noticed the button with the finger icon is gray, and I would like to make it red and opaque. This may require the image itself to be turned white if it isn’t already.

I should be able to make the first two changes to the script myself, so I’ll try to see if I can, but they would also be some nice features to support in the future.

I’ve been facing some challenges in identifying elements to incorporate into the v2 version. Thank you for the recommendations; I’ll carefully consider how to integrate these features. I’ll see what I can do and aim to include the suggested enhancements. Thanks!

Can the white font of the text be changed to a different color?

Can the background of the bubble not be transparent at all? I think if it could be solid with no transparence of the background, the text would be easier to read.