Proyect OASIS / Searching For Devs / Serious Work

Alpha 0.01

Im Searching Devs For a Big Proyect To Make Here on Roblox This Its my First Proyect Here and I Take all My Ideas for This I Want a Serious Team to Stay high on the Leaderboard

Im Zolar Tm Leader Of Borealis Studios Searching for Devs To Join on This Proyect
Language: Spanish / English
Country: Peru/ LatAmerica
Age: 17
Exp On Studio: 4 Years
Other Works: I Made Models for Star Wars Armos And Modern Buildings For Other Group
Good Worker On Team

Oasis Its The New Evolution Of A Virtual Life On Roblox.
A Free World Whit Realistic Details to Bring Good game experience to User

  • Interactive Features(Roberys, Shops, Jobs ,Sell Items And More!
  • Realistic Graphics and Mechanics / Depends that PC Capacity To Get The Graphics
  • a Place For Everyone in the World / On 3 Languages

(Group Studio): - Borealis Studios - - Roblox

  • Investor/CoOwner [Required]
  • Vehicle Modeler
  • Scripter Department Leader
  • Scripters
  • Pictures Department Leader
  • Gfx Designers
  • Gui Designers
  • Modeler Department Leader
  • Modelers
  • Builders
  • Moderators
  • Alpha Testers
  • Brazilian Translator
  • English Translator

The Payment Will Be After The Alpha Releases And Earn Money By Himself This Its a Proyect That its On 0% So You Need To Understand

  • After The First Pay We are going to Insert % For Every Department

You Can Contact Me On:


LogoFinal “ZolarTm#5430” Its My Code Tell me Your Coming From This Post For More Easy To Know


You Can Message Me Here: @cabo1987

Any Question Below Pls I Will Awnser As Soon As Possible. And Sorry For Bad Grammar I Dont Speak English too Fast.
Any Help to Get This Post Better Tell me :smiley:

Borealis And The Proyect Are Waiting For You!
ZolarTm - Cabo1987(Old Name)

2020 / BS
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Please add my Discord:

Your going to split percentage across like 13 roles? You should perhaps consider working with less people and paying them for the work and develop the game slower rather than rushing a game that required a huge team and offering nothing as payment.


“Serious Work” and percentage payments across 13 roles should not be anywhere near each other.
That’s approximately 7% per developer if you split it evenly, which isn’t that much.


Did you actually mean to spell Proyect or was it a mistake of Project?

You’re not allowed to ask for investors here, I don’t think

Hi I am willing to be a moderator for the group, game and, Discord.
My main Roblox account is DareDaniel0 so thats the one that will be the moderator (If you hire me)
My Discord Is DareDaniel0#7616
Im happy to help you.
Lets DM on either Discord or Dev Forum.

Thanks for your time,

Where else would you ask for them. After all this is should definitely be in the collaberation category and It would not make sense if it was in the portfolios category so this is the most logical place to put it.

I have sent you a friend request on discord.

he said he speaks spanish and in spanish project is proyecto so that’s probably why

I friended you.


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