Proyect O.A.S.I.S. / Searching For Devs To Make A Realistic/RPG/Free roam Game

Proyect O.A.S.I.S.

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Hi There!

Im Cabo1987/ZolarTm Here In Roblox Im a Dev Builder Searching Devs Here to Build And Make My Big Proyect! From My Studio (Borealis Studio)

I Have 17 Years Old And My Experience Its On 4 Years Building
If You Want to See More Information About Me See that In My Curriculum/ Pholio
(Not Linked Now)


Borealis Studios Is:
My Own Studio Dedicate To Create Creative Games Whit A Realistic Experience
The First And The Biggest Proyect Its OASIS

For Now This Its The Team:

  • CEO/Builder : @cabo1987


What Its OASIS?

OASIS (Operational And Simulation InGame System)
This… Its my Biggest Proyect… Mix All Roblox Famous Games In One! A Virtual Meeting For Friends To NEVER get Bored!

What Features You Want For The Game?
  • Realistic Graphics as Possible
  • Realistic Animations - Taunts - Effects
  • Robbery Stores - Big Heist
  • Works (Medic Police ETC)
  • Bank Money Sistem (Wallet Money - InBank Money) ATM
  • Masks For Criminals - Bases - And More
  • Vehicles Whit Realistic Interior (Animations to Get in Or Drive Includes)
  • Map Whit Details
  • Guns Stores
  • Military Base
  • Secret UnderGround Base
  • Prision
  • High Containment Prison
  • Houses
  • Mansions
  • Build Sistem(If The Game Starts Good)
  • Realistic Details Whit Every Uptaded

Inspiration: Pacifico2 - Madcity - ER: Liberty County

Can i Give a Tip?

Sure Write Down Pls :smiley:

You Have ScreenShots?

I Was Making The Bank center


Here is Some Jobs Hiring:

  • Graphic Designer For Logos And Adds
  • Builders
  • Scripters ( Advanced ) And ( Newbies )
  • Modelers 3d
  • Weapons Modelers
  • Cars Designer
  • Extras Designer
  • Testers
  • 2nd CEO
  • Uptade Publisher And Mixer
  • Audio Maker


These Requeriments Are Escential:

  • Complete The Questionary Below
  • Have Portfolio
  • Have Ro/Curriculum
  • Have +13 Years Old
  • Have Experience On Studio
  • Have Team Build Quality
  • Etc


The Payment :robux_light: Will Be After The Release Of The Alpha Game On Porcentage But We can Talk About That


  • If You Have Any Question Go Down And Write It!

Thx For The Time! And Stay Safe And In Home!


Hey, payment is Super vague. You say that we will be paid after alpha’s release but you don’t specify a ball park of what that number is.


Please define “Proyect”, also you asked for an image in the “Job Request” but it searches for a text file.

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Pretty sure he meant Project (30 chars)

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he doesn’t speak english, but writes and reads it. from central america

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