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Don’t worry about RDC! I’ve noticed plenty of the same questions being asked each year so I thought it’d be a good idea if I collected them some of mine and others knowledge to put together this thread, that should answer some of those questions, as it’ll save you all time searching through the announcement thread for what you are looking for! As this is an unofficial guide, I’m not able to accurately predict things such as the likelihood that you will get into a phase or similar, but I will cover a lot of the ambiguity and supposed assumptions that are made just to ease any worries you may have about getting a ticket.

I will continue to update this over time, the more questions that I receive, so if you have any questions please leave them down below and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability!

Section 1 - Preparation

I’m a little worried about getting invited, how does the whole thing work?

For RDC, Roblox uses a wave system, in which developers receive invites in a staggered motion. While in previous years there has been a clear trend as to who they accept first, the forum has gotten a lot bigger since previous RDC’s and the grounds in which are placed into a phase are far broader.

If you are invited, you’ll get an email or message concerning your invite, and they’ll send you a link in which you’ll use to purchase your ticket and any associated costs like the hotel.

What happens if I don’t get invited in any of the phases?

It isn’t the end of the world! There is a general habit in which Roblox tends to have a lot of spaces free after the phases, and especially given the size of the venue has increased this year, I’m sure the chances of getting in are even higher! As heavily publicized, there is an application stage in which you’d have to “show Roblox what you’re made of”. Whether that be a simulator, a showcase or even a few scripting mechanics you’ve been working on, put yourself out there, and make your talents and skills known!

I’m a little worried that I won’t get the chance to buy a ticket because they’re highly competitive

Every year, there tend to be quite a few tickets left over, as not everyone in the phase is as quick to respond to the invite as some others. Even more so this year, the venue is soo much bigger than previous years, and the expected turnout even more so. I would not be wrong to hedge my bets that the chances that you’d get in are a lot higher.

I’m worried about transport and reserving tickets in time?

Don’t worry! For international travelers, plane tickets are the cheapest around this time. I won’t be reserving mine until I’ve been invited by Roblox, but if any of you are keen on securing a cheap ticket early, it doesn’t hurt to plan early.

I would be wary though, as prices tend to fluctuate, and you don’t want to book it too early or too late, or else you could be spending more than you need to!

I’m going to RDC! The question is, where am I staying?

Roblox has, in previous years, subsidized the costs of hotels so that we can enjoy the comfort of the hotels best while also having a fun time networking with Roblox developers! You can either choose to use the hotel or, at potentially a higher cost, rent a room in another hotel. Usually, you have to pay this cost upfront with the ticket, so be ready for that!

I’m not very active on the forum, does this hurt my chances of getting invited?

Absolutely not.
This is quite a common misconception among many RDC goers. While it helps if you are active here, it is likely more important that you are active as a developer on the platform than a developer in one space. The forum is an amazing communal space, and I encourage users to use it when they need help or just want to check out something cool, but it isn’t the one necessary thing that you need to be active on to get an invite, as there are plenty of past invitees who have contributed all over the place, and are treated just as equally as someone active here.

I attended RDC last year, what are the chances of getting in this year?

It’s been confirmed that past attendees will be considered under the phases. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are guaranteed an invite but if tropes are followed, then chances are you will be. However, we still lack information on this

Section 2 - Attending

I’m bringing a chaperone with me to the event, what will they be doing?

As the title indicates, it’s unlikely they’d be allowed to get involved in the event. However, in previous years, some of the chaperones have gone exploring the destination of RDC and I recall my dad enjoyed having a look around Amsterdam in 2018.

In previous years, chaperones have gotten access to things like the Chaperone lounge, and occasionally the Keynote sessions, but as the name suggests again, they aren’t companion passes, and developers attempting to use the chaperone pass to enter RDC will not be permitted to attend.

As a side note, I would also encourage you to take the time to explore San Francisco and all the cool things that are there. It may not be as exciting as the main event, but its always fun to have a look around!

What does the event usually consist of?

Usually, there tends to be a party on Friday, followed by talks on Saturday, and the start of the game jam in the evening. Everything is brought to a close on Sunday, where the winners of the competition are selected and announced!

At the party, there tends to be a cool ice breaker, and I encourage all the shy people (if they feel confident, that is) to talk to some people there. The first time I went to RDC, I was really shy but I met a lot of likeminded people and it was very easing.

How have I found previous events?

RDC is something I genuinely look forward to every year. It’s awesome to meet likeminded individuals who love to make games and just make fun things. While I’m slightly biased to video games, as I want to do a degree in it, heading to the event will allow you to network with people and meet people who might just become your working partners in the future. The great thing about the event is that it is like fine wine, it gets better as it ages. I’m sorry you had to witness that comment

In general, it’s not only something you can talk about and feel like you contributed too but its also something you can speak about in university applications and/or CVs, as it’s all interesting things that give you, as a person, character.

Section 3 - Arrangements

Is there a place where I can make arrangements to share a room / get in a game jam team?

There are quite a few places you can arrange things. From game jam teams to room sharing, it’s all facilitated in:

  • The RDC 2020 Discord (i don’t think I’m able to link this here but I’ll double-check the rules)
  • Any Development Discord/ Developer Forum Discord (if they facilitate it ofc)
  • The Developer Forum (this place is pretty cool)

and many more! Don’t be shy about asking people about this stuff, as I’m sure someone is looking for a group just like you.

Questions from the Community

Yes but they aren’t able to participate in the event with the same privelliges. They are additionally unable to help you in the Gamejam.

I would suggest that its best not to test fate, as it could get you or the person in trouble.

Usually, they won’t actively go out their way to search for developers, but I’d expect developers within the front page to be considered for an invite. I’m far from informed about the actual in and outs of the selection system though. I do know however that as long as you are interested in development, you’ll have a chance of getting an invite.


This list is far from being finished.

I will continue to try and gather questions that are frequently asked and try to answer them. I also ask anyone who can answer a question or would like to share their RDC experience to do so, as I believe it’s an experience that is unforgettable!

If you have a question that you aren’t sure about, feel free to dm me, as I’m open to anything

Have a nice day everyone!


How about you send it over now :smirk:

All jokes aside, thank you for this. I have had some pretty bad anxiety in the past about traveling and going to events about where I will stay, how much itll cost, yada yada yada and this helped a lot(After traveling a lot more I have gotten over this but it it still comes to mind). If I get invited it sounds like itll be a breeze to get there and just spend time and meet people!


Can my chaperone be a fellow developer? How do the people who “look” for developers find the developers? Do they need good games, or just nice work? Do they just go for top notch dev’s or do they also take in trash bums like me? Thank you for this post its really helpful! :rofl:


I’ve replied to your questions above! Feel free to dm me if you have any more!

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I added another answer to a more direct question here, feel free to keep message me them!:


thanks for answering a lot of questions I had but I still have one more: how much do tickets cost?

Sadly, I’m not able to answer this question as I am just as unaware as you are. However, in previous years they were around $70, and I’d expect either that, or higher.

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A general question concerning chaperones, as there’s probably a lot of younger developers out there who wouldn’t want their experience to be spoiled by requiring one…

  • What are the general expectations for chaperones?
  • Are people who have chaperones required to be around with their chaperone at the event, or can they just be more in the background?

I guess it’s just a safety concern, but the question is - to what extent are they actually supervising you during the event because there’s a lot of developers who would probably like their own independence at around 14-15. Also those who have had a chaperone at RDC previously - did it change your experience or did you find it beneficial?

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No, they are not required to be around you while you are there.
Your chaperones aren’t required to supervise you, though I suppose what they actually do will depend on how protective your guardians are. If you do have concerned parents, let them know that you are among friends and staff members, that’ll always try to help you out if you were to need it at any point on the 3 days. Other than that and making sure you get home after the event, there’d be no other reason that they’d need to stick around the event.

My chaperone didn’t have much effect on my event in 2018, if anything, it opened his eyes to the wonders that Roblox can make. Obviously people under the age need to bring one per the rules, but it’s not like they need to be there every waking minute of the day. They are allowed to leave and come back whenever they please! As long as you stay in the event or are with people when you go out at-least, then it should be fine.

More information will come out about what a chaperone can and can’t do, but this is what’s happened in previous years at-least!