PSA: Please Stop Misusing Bulletin Board

I’ve been on bulletin board recently to find that people “accidentially” post their feature requests and Discussion posts in Bulletin Board.
I’ve also seen this, which shouldn’t even be on the forums.
So, please read the rules of Bulletin Board before making posts there.

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Post Approval does not use this category at all anymore.

This category is intended as a dumping ground for community targeted information and is exclusively meant to be linked to from You are not meant to read this category at all. Unless topics are drastically breaking the forum rules (e.g. swearing, offsite links, giveaways, etc.), you should simply ignore them, including spam and topics posted by confused users.

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How do you know this? The Bulletin Board category is muted by default, so you shouldn’t be seeing it on the home page:

And they don’t show up on Latest, New, Unread, or Top:

Before the post approval process was changed, the process was just dump your post in bulletin board and DM the link to it to the post approval group.

It shouldn’t matter what is posted there since you aren’t supposed to read it regularly anyways.

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Can we make it so people cant read bulletin board? It’d be a minor change, but one for the better if you needed a direct link (or something like featured topic) to view posts.


Does my posts in Bulletin Board count as bad. It doesn’t make it right if the stuff I randomly put and tagged people in, but the only use is to have update logs and other uses for info.

I have had multiple post like that taken down because of pinging others and straight out being annoying. Would it count as a misuse

This has nothing to do with PeZsmistic’s post.

Of course it counts as misusing the category, but then again nobody ever reads bulletin board.

Bulletin Board is more of a ‘dumping ground’ for content and testing. I’ve used the category for testing stuff with markdown to try and discover some cool formatting tricks.

Bulletin board reminds me of the old forum that was removed in 2017. But bulletin board is only for Member+ The old forum was usually used for creating posts like rules for groups/clans and other stuff. Now people moved to bulletin board since there is nowhere to put a big thread on Roblox. People also misused the forums, but there were problems with moderation. The moderation team was too late to delete posts violating rules of the forum.

That is precisely what Bulletin Board is for. For documenting information (like rules, game change logs) for game/group communities on the main Roblox website.

Like mentioned it really shouldn’t matter what is on there since you aren’t meant to read on that category regularly anyway. You should only be reading a topic on there if you were linked to it.