PSA: Stop putting Discord links in Bulletin Board

A casual skim around Bulletin Board led me to find that there were a large number of threads that included raw Discord links and codes.

I’d just like to point out that even though this is the DevForum, that doesn’t mean Discord links are necessarily allowed (especially if you have intention to link your threads on Roblox, such as your group descriptions) on public sections. Read the Bulletin Board guidelines; they don’t allow Discord links.

Posting your username to accept offers on Collaboration or to add it to your bio is fine, but you should not be linking Discords in your threads. This counts as circumventing the off-site links rule. The Social Media tabs in groups and games exists for a reason.


Uhhhh I don’t think the people posting these links in the Bulletin Board even have permission to read this PSA. I would talk to forum staff about this about possibly getting a filter set up for discord links on the BB since this can be used to bypass the site filter by just sending a link to a BB post with a discord link in it.


Yes they do. Everyone can read topics within the Inception category except visitors.

Will keep in mind.


I recommend everyone to just direct someone to a group or game page where your server is linked, Discord is 13+ and there’s no need for people under that age to have access to it. As Roblox itself (excluding the developer forum obviously) permits Discord invites.

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You mean prohibits. :wink:

Discord links, references and usernames on the private categories are fine. My bone to pick (and furthermore the reason I created this PSA) was because I saw literal links in Bulletin Board.

Linking a group is definitely a better choice. It gives more exposure and you can have your server displayed through official channels. The Social Media tab wasn’t invented for nothing, after all.