PSA: You can copy a decal's AssetId directly from studio's toolbox now!


Not sure if anybody has been made aware of this since I didn’t see any staff post this, but you could copy the AssetId of a decal directly from the toolbox now! I believe this change was made last December since that was when plugins were given clipboard access (RobloxScriptSecurity only though…)


It copies the asset id (e.g. rbxassetid://2795966663) onto your clipboard. You can then paste this in the Texture property of a Decal or the Image property of an ImageLabel. You can also set the Image property of a Decal or ImageLabel programmatically with this string.


Update of the millennia. Nothing can top this one.


Now all we need is the ability to do it from the site as well.


I actually made a tampermonkey script for this purpose. it displays the ImageId on the decals asset page. I should probably release this on GitHub because it could be useful


That just makes clothing copying too easy, don’t think that would end up being helpful for everyone.


This can already be achieved using the Better Roblox extension found on the Chrome store.


This is one singular con case that doesn’t appropriately justify why this feature shouldn’t be available. Shirt templates and such are accessible assets and it does not take effort to get them at all. Speaking against a feature because it lacks the ability to cover for one use case is uncool. There are more use cases for accessing AssetIds than not (audio, displays, shops, markets, using such in-game, etc).

That being said, I don’t believe that a website “Copy AssetId” is truly necessary. Roblox Studio automatically converts most catalog IDs from the library to their appropriate AssetId.


It doesn’t copy the direct assetId, you still have to input it manually in studio to an instance that automatically retrieves the direct assetId- which sucks. Roblox should make a function on either ContentProvider or MarketplaceService to :getTrueAssetId(referenceAssetId)


The best update ever!

[most of us was waiting for that]


What’s the api for manipulating the clipboard?


I don’t think that subtracting 1 from the asset id works anymore.


There is StudioService::CopyToClipboard, but it is still RobloxScriptSecurity. We can’t use the API.


It does not work anymore


Updated the OP, thanks. I heard that this was a trick from somewhere but I forgot to test it on newer decals…


It’s not so much related to “new” decals, it’s just that the rate at which assets are being uploaded has increased so rapidly, that instead of an image and i.e. a clothing/decal being uploaded right after each other, several other uploads of images/places/models/sounds/etc happen in between. So you have to subtract 1 multiple times until you end up at the image. It could still happen that they have consecutive IDs, it’s just much less likely.