[PSGA] Handbook on Scoring/Judging

[PSGA] Handbook on Scoring/Judging Routines

Judging and Scoring isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it! Allow me to explain.

To be a good judge, you basically need to know all the requirements and deductions by heart, but don’t freak out! If you’re still learning them it’s a good idea to have some essentials nearby when judging routines to make sure the gymnast is performing correctly and you are scoring correctly.

Things to Have Nearby:

  • Score Sheet: You can make your own score sheet on paper or print out the Excel Score Sheet provided for PSGA staff members (found in the Discord).

  • List of Requirements and Deductions: Having a list of these nearby is crucial for scoring until you’ve learned to recognize routines correctly without the lists. And even then, it’s always ok to double-check.

  • Pencil/Paper (if you’re recording scores on paper)

  • Food/Drink Yeah, yeah, it’s all virtual, but tryouts or competitions might run long sometimes and you may be unable to get a break. So it’s a good idea to be prepared to sit for a while and make sure to use the bathroom beforehand. :laughing:

How to Score:

It’s so easy, you’ll laugh!

Gymnasts routines have a start value of 10.00, using the deductions provided (Discord), you need to accurately score the routines by deducting/subtracting a certain amount, if needed, from 10.00. If the gymnasts perform a perfect routine, there are no deductions and the score stays at 10.00.

Example: You’re a judge at a tryout, and user Roblox_Gymnast completes all 4 events, and these are her scores.

Vault Exercise: 9.500
Uneven Bars: 9.725
Balance Beam: 7.275
Floor Exercise: 10.00

To determine if Roblox_Gymnast has passed or failed, you are merely finding the average of the scores.

Remember that an 8.5 is a passing score, anything below that is a failing score, and that user will not have passed tryouts. Anything higher is of course passing.

Finding the Average

Simple! Add up all the scores, take the total and divide them by the number of scores, which will usually be 4, but there may be times that a user did not compete on a certain event for whatever reason.

9.500 + 9.725 + 7.275 + 10.00 = 36.5

Also know that in real-life gymnastics, judges just use the total above for the All-Around Score, (AA), which means “total score”.
A perfect score would be 40.00, which means the gymnast scored all 10s on every event. But for simplicity, we will just find the average of the scores by, as mentioned above, dividing by the num of scores, by the gymnast’s All-Around Score.

36.5/4 = 9.125 This is a great average and a passing score. Obviously, a perfect score would simply be a 10.

In real life gymnastics, you compete twice on vault and the best vault score is chosen, I think some gymnastics games in the Ro-gym community include both vault scores into the AA, making there technically be 5 events instead of 4. We just use the score of the vault that was better.

Dealing with Angry Gymnasts

A lot of times, gymnasts are not happy with their scores and get mad and want to blame the coaches. Please abide by the Staff Rules and respond in an appropriate manner.