Psychosis - Horror Game


This is a multiplayer horror game where your goal is to reach the end of the maze. You have a flashlight and an EMF tool to notice strong electromagnetic fields nearby.

The game is very difficult to complete at the moment and will be easier once I create a tool that can keep track of where you’ve been.

Feedback is appreciated and I’d love to see a screenshot if you manage to reach the end. Play with audio for the best experience.


:warning: The maze is massive and contains many dead ends. There are jumpscares and stressful moments that may occur during gameplay.


This looks really cool and i love it!

although i kinda don’t like this effect of the flashlight going down towards the floor when walking.
here is an example of it

but other than that this looks nice!


to help, an easy fix to this would be an animation of just the arm when the tool is held.

Thanks for the feedback!

I’m aware that the flashlight is moving with the player’s hand. It should be fixed later this week, including other improvements and content updates.

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I’m loving the game so far, however one thing I’d preffer is if the spraycan was actually limited and you could instead use it as frequently as you wanted. Another thing is that this game is directionless, when you spawn in you aren’t really given much to do and there doesn’t seam to be too much of an aim.

The game’s cool but it sorta gets annoying after a bit like maybe some clues to where you’re actually supposed to go or maybe some indicators that you’re going the right way.
Also I don’t like your flashlight I don’t know if its a problem in my computer but it barely seems to produce any light


Thanks for the feedback! There are some things that I’ve changed based on feedback. I will probably update the game once I get more time to do so.

To Change:

  • More “indications/directions” on where to go.
  • Viewmodel system for the tools. (To prevent tool shaking with the character movement)
  • Change up to the story and make it better.
  • Create “Chapter 2”.


  • There is also an introduction when you join.
  • You can now finish “Chapter 1” and receive a badge for completing it.
  • You can create a marker every 15 seconds in comparison to 30 seconds previously. Each marker lasts for 30 minutes. (Not unlimited to prevent spray spam and to keep the maze difficult)
  • The flashlight has a longer range and is more bright.
  • There is a new item. The item is a Lantern and will light up all around itself and in a far radius. (This was made temporarily as a replacement for the flashlight tool.)
  • Right shoulder rotates in the Y-axis with your camera direction.



Hello There! I suggest to apply your game on QA Test, So you can gather more Testers on it. I hope this suggestion can help on your Development.

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How exactly and where do you apply your game at to be QA tested? I’ve never figured this out.

I’ll Private message the Invite code as I can explain how you can apply your game for Testing.