Public Developer Stats

Currently, it’s impossible for people to get a good scope on how the Roblox market works due to the non-existent developer statistics for the competition.
Without having exact numbers for time played and gamepass stats, we’re sitting here calculating numbers that aren’t even remotely accurate.

Having the average player size, average playing time, the average amount of sales per month(not revenue), week and year helps developers tremendously when it comes to calculating how to properly monetize their products and the spike months for games within the market via player time and sales counts.


Originally you could’ve have done this by using the link to your games Developer stats page but you can no longer do so.

I believe it should be re-added as a feature.

For example : Roblox Pro.



Someone has informed me that we can see statistics publicly via our own DevStats page I’ll check this out to make sure.

(Only if you’ve sold something can you view your statistics compared to the top 250 games.)

Not bad but still lackluster imo.

Roblox now provides some pseudo-anonymized statistics about the top X games, i.e. their revenue, retention, how their player base is built up internationally, etc. You’ll probably want to make feature requests to have specific data added to that if you are missing anything there.

I highly disagree on every Roblox user being able to see the developer stats of any game publicly at any time they want. This information should stay private to that specific developer.

Compiled stats are one thing because they are somewhat anonymous, but I would not be comfortable if I had a top X game to have this information publicly visible. That would be highly undesirable because it could give information to direct competitors about the game (or updates done to that game) that they could take advantage of in an environment that is already ridiculously derivative / competitive / volatile.


I’m not saying give exact numbers,

Something like this as an example with graph statistics for play time and so fourth.
Correct me if I’m wrong, don’t many markets already do this to determine such things?

If they do, what would you say would be the main issue other than competition as to why they should not have this as a possible feature?

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Steam has stats on how many players are playing at a time, so programs like Steamcharts use that to figure the rest. With regards to that, you can already do that in Roblox right now.

As for sales, no.

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