Public game without like/dislike enabled?

Is there a way to make a game Public for trial purposes but disable the like/dislike feature as if it were private via script or otherwise?

No, you can’t. Thumbs up/down are eventually essential/part of the game.

I understand why you’re asking this, but sadly you can not do this.


No, scripts inside of the game can’t affect how the website works. Why would you want to disable it anyway?


Thanks, I understand why manipulation of the like/dislike buttons could be exploited. Just curious if maybe there was some enable/disable feature I was unaware of.

If you make the game open to only (a) certain rank(s) in a group, you can leave the game private and likes/dislikes will not be permitted.

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hmmm yes a script can affect the roblox servers

no you cant sorry wont allow you