Public Handbook

Official Handbook of Oceaú

— Oh-Say-Oh

Oceaú is an ocean-front seafood restaurant revolutionizing the seafood dining experience on the Roblox platform. Oceaú was founded on September 23rd, 2022 by Cenosity. Our goal is to offer the best accommodations and dining services to our guests with our excellent in-house dining experience.

This handbook has been created to assist you in accessing important information within our community. All contents located inside of this handbook contains information that is beneficial to you all in regards to operations, policies, and procedures. If you have any questions relating to this handbook contact a member of the MR+ team!

Important Links

  • Group Link
  • [Restaurant] Coming soon!
  • [Apply for a Job!] Coming soon!
  • [Training Center] Coming soon!

Handbook Sections


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Training Sessions

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Group Code of Conduct

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Affiliate Information

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Rank Descriptions

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You have reached the end of the Official Oceaú Handbook. If any information that you are looking for is not listed within this document, please let one of our staff members MR+ know!

Welcome to the Oceaú community!
Oceaú Leadership Team