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Ciao, welcome to our ‘Public Information’ page. This page was created to give you information about our rules & regulations, positions, and affiliations. This page will be updated when new information becomes available. If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.

We require everyone who joins our community server(s) to follow our given rules & regulations. Our goal like many others is to stand on a family-friendly environment as there might be younger audiences. Any sexual harassment, asking for personal information, DMing an individual without their permission, will result in a permeant dismissal from our community servers and our associated games.

Rules & Regulations

R&G 1.0 - Respect We require every member to show respect towards anyone, regardless of their rank, sexuality, pronouns, age, race, and gender. 0-tolerance policy for lack of respect.

R&G 1.1 - Personal Information To prevent free access to discrimination you’re are not allowed to ask for anyone’s personal information. Do NOT ask for anyone’s age, name, social media profiles, gender, or pronouns. Upon joining our server, you’re able to select your gender and pronouns if you want others to know, it’s not required for you to assign these roles.

R&G 1.2 - Biased, favoritism, friends over anyone We have a 0-tolerence policy for any biased, favoritism, friends over anyone behaver. Everyone here must be treated with kindness, respect, do not treat them less of a person just because you barely know them. You can barely trust them but you MUST treat them with respect.

R&G 1.3 - Online dating, personal relationships We do not support online dating. We do not want to be role models of online dating on a children platform. Online dating on ROBLOX or anywhere else is not safe whatsoever, if you wish to online date do not bring it here, do not add it in your bio, status, profile, and banner.

R&G 1.4 - 18+, NSFW, adult content This is clearly self explanatory, use common sense. Any adult content will have you removed from our community server and any associated games.

R&G 1.5 - Discord invites, dm advertising, advertising Advertising of any sort is not allowed. No one is allowed to give permission for advertising unless approved by the Company Supervisor of Operations and/or Founding Father .

Just because a rule isn’t listed, doesn’t mean find loopholes. Have common sense.

In order to begin the process of beginning a partnership with us, you must meet our requirements. If you meet these requirements, you may open a ticket and a member of ‘Customer Relations’ will help you from there.

Affiliations Requirements & Application
  • Your ROBLOX Group must have at least 15 or more members. Exceptions can be made.
  • You must have a well maintained Discord server with at least 40 or more members. Exceptions can be made.
  • You must have at least one or two representatives from your establishment to join our Discord server for day-to-day contact between our establishments.
  • Your group must announce the beginning of our community events or any important announcement. We will do the same for you.
  • You must have a well-built ROBLOX Game that isn’t free-modeled.
  • You must have professionalism within the community.
  • Your staff must be professional, have basic knowledge of the industries, be polite rather than toxic, not be biased, nor show favoritism, or friends over anyone behavior.
  • Well organized logos, communication server, etc.
Our Questions
If you think your establishment is ready and has met our requirements stated above, you may send us your application.
  • Please provide us links to your establishment & discord server.
  • What is your establishment about and what is the genre?
  • How is your establishment able to benefit sontiMangiare?
  • How can we benefit your establishment?
  • Who are the representatives you’ll send? (roblox & discord username)
  • Do you know how affiliations work? If so, please explain.

Below is a table of our positions and their responsibilities.

Positions & Responsibilities
Customer Roles
Valued Customer A common visitor of our establishment.
Loyalty Customer A respectable visitor of our establishment and that can only be given out by the Founding Father of sontiMangiare.
Intern A common visitor who showed interest in working with sontiMangiare. In order to become officially employed; they’ll need to attend a training.
Lower Staff
Host/Hostess Employees who greet our common visitors and assign them seating upon their requests.
Waiter/Waitress Employees who are the main part of our visitors dinning experience. Attending them throughout their visit, preparing their meals of which they requested.
Bar Attendant Employees who prepare our visitors with our specialty drinks made with our secret recipes.
Experienced Attendant Those who were noticed of their hard work. They are allowed to work in all categories.
Upper Management
Supervising Associate A hard working employee that earned a promotion from ‘Experienced Attendant’. They assist Supervisors in managing & supervising all of lower staff.
Supervisor Supervisors lead their associates in managing & supervising all of lower staff; while doing so, they seek reasons to request a promotion of their associate.
Managing Associate Assist the General Managers in overseeing the Supervisors and their associates, while making sure the supervisors are kept in check. Managing Associates are to review promotion requests from Supervisors before sending to the General Managers for approval.
General Manager While managing all of the Upper Management, they seek reasons to request promotions of their associates and send it forth to the Director Upper Management. They are to review all promotion requests that their associate deems worthy of promotion and make a final decision. Providing a weekly report of all upper management to the DoUM to review.
Director of Upper Management (DoUM) Oversee the entire employees within upper management. Must review all weekly reports provided to them by the General Managers and oversee promotion requests of Supervisors and override choices when needed. Review General Managers promotion requests of managing associates. Handles weekly reports by making sure upper management has been doing as expected, if not issues consequences.
Executive Ranked
Executive Assistant They assistant the Executive Board in managing & overseeing all of upper management. Reviews weekly reports provided by the DoUM while creating weekly reports of all of Upper Management for the Executive Board to review. Issues investigations on those they deem corrupt based on weekly reports. Allowed to suspended, terminate, or demote with reasoning without permission, but most report to Executive Board.
Executive Board Leading their assistants in managing & overseeing all of upper management. Reviews weekly reports given by DoUM & their assistants. Overseeing suspension, demotions, terminations to prevent corrupt reasons and is able to revoke for any reason they deem so. Allowed to seek new Executive Assistants based on weekly reports or terminate with reasoning without permission; but must report forth to the Oversight Branch. They are the key in making sure no employee is corrupt and operations are running smoothly.
Oversight Branch Any of those the Chairwoman or Founding Father invites. It’s a earned department and rare to get into. Make executive choices, overrun choices made by upper management and executives. Oversee the entire operations and terminates those that are corrupt.

The information below gives information on what our departments are for. Each have equal balance.

Our Departments
Our Departments
Oversight Branch Oversees the entire operation of sontiMangiare, making executive decisions when needed; other words for that, stepping in where needed.
Internal Affairs Oversees all employees while making sure employees are doing as expected. Providing & enforcing set rules & regulations, and intervenes when broken. Issues out consequence to those that are unable to uphold their duties or are corrupt.
Customer Relations Handles partnerships and partner events. Main purpose is to interact with the community and host events to keep the community engaged; keeping the public eye with a good front, our reputation. Anyone who seeks to destroy our reputation, will be banned upon request.

sontiMangiare is owned & run by the Executives.

SONT1O | sontiMangiare Founding Father

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