Publicize average statistics available through Developer Stats

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to view average data of figures such as average gameplay time, average retention, average MAU, and average revenue per user. This data is normally displayed through CSV files that can be downloaded by the developers of only some games through their Developer Stats panel, and it also shows how their game’s statistics compare to averages, such as the average Top 25 games, Top 26-50, and so on.

Not all developers have a game popular enough to view these statistics. Even if they do, first they need to generate the CSV, then download the CSV, then use a program or service to open the CSV.

The data of the average statistic categories (Top 25, Top 25-50, Top 51-75, Top 76-100, and Top 101-250) should be made public. Thousands of developers already have access to this information, so it is already no secret.

Creating a public monthly report available as a web page (instead of a CSV) to everyone would improve access to this valuable information.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development because it would make the process of obtaining it less cumbersome when developers I just want to know the statistical averages without comparisons to my game’s data.