Publish failed!

i suffered from this bug many times and i had quit a big project in the past because of this.Now , after my second big project got a reasonable progression, this problem started occuring again to me.
Please help me to fix this issue as i am not willing to quit another big project after a hard time working on it!
Thank you for reading!


Can you provide me with more information? Maybe a screen-shot of this issue?

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it only says publish failed,
tunisiengamer's Place Number_ 16 - Roblox Studio 6_24_2021 2_32_01 PM

Are you “Publishing to Roblox” or “Publish to Roblox as…”?

… Both does the same thing !

Does it work with another account?

only that workspace doesn’t want to publish, i tried other small workspaces and they work fine!
i think it is because of an update , as i was publishing normally before .

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Says this for me

Might be an issue, I am publishing this morning and I get a message that I am published, however when I goto play my leaderboards are not working and my output is telling me I have to publish, yet I just published with a success message. Odd.

Published Successfully

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