Publish successful and place version updates, but game retains previous version

Nothing complicated. It says the publish is successful, the version history shows the update went through, but when playing the game it retains the place file I published last week. This affects all of my games, none of my publishes are going through.

This happened about a week ago as well and it randomly resolved itself. Today its been 5 hours and its still an issue, I cant update my game.


After the publish, if you open up the experience in Creator Dashboard and click ‘Places’ in the left bar, then select your place and click ‘Version History’ in the left bar, does the top-most version in that list have the ‘Published’ check mark and have a timestamp that looks about right?

If it does, it may just be that if there are players in your experience the old server they are on will continue running with the old version until it empties out, which can take some time. If you want to speed this up you can go back to the main page, click the “…” on your experience and select “Restart servers for updates” which will force all of the servers on an old version to shut down.

If this doesn’t solve your problem let me know and I can look into it a little deeper.

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We are encountering the same issue as of today. It’s not us selecting “Save to Roblox”.
We hit publish to roblox in studio and it uploads it, but it doesn’t actually mark it as a published version as seen below.
Sometimes we can get it to work by doing “Publish to Roblox As” to the same place, but it’s spotty.

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Ah, so the version did not get a checkmark. Is there something I’m supposed to do? I’ve been deving on roblox since 2008 so I’m confident I’m not doing anything too weird but cant say for sure it’s not on my end.

Looks like some sort of problem on our end, checking it out now. As a potential workaround for now you can try doing ‘Publish to Roblox as’ instead of ‘Publish to Roblox’ but I can’t guarantee that will work.

Will respond here once I know more.


Actually, one more piece of info I could use: Are you using Team Create in the places where you are seeing this problem? Publishing works slightly differently between TC and non-TC so I’d like to focus on whichever you are seeing the problem with.

No we are not using team create.

Ok I’ve had a look and confirmed that publishing is not working for non-team-create places. It is working for Team Create so the best workaround I can offer for now it to enable TC, publish, then disable TC.

Still looking into exactly where the problem is coming from so we can get it fixed up as soon as possible. I’ll keep you updated in this thread.


We have identified and fixed the problem. If you were seeing this problem you will need to restart Studio to get the fix. If you restart and are still having trouble please let me know.


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